Behind the scenes of Mujahedin's death faking project

IRDC.IR: Masoud Khodabandeh, former member of Mujahedin organization's central council, direct head of Masoud and Maryam Rajavi's settlement and traffic team, and the liberator military commander who separated from the organization in 1994, wrote about the death faking project:

About the executions in 1988, Masoud Rajavi first claimed that there were 6400 cases, but eventually he changed the record and in the next level he claimed that they were 12000 people. And then he raised the number of the executions by Islamic republic to 20_30 thousands of the members of the organization. He even published a book to record this number.

Rajavi tried to proceed against the Islamic republic using this list. So a list with lots of names was arranged to be sent to UN, and a group of people as witnesses claimed that the list was true.

But after a while, several people who were separated from the organization testified that they had lied about the executions.

About the list arranged by the organization, today we can claim that many names on the list didn't even exist. Some of them were people who had been executed years ago because of crimes like murder or drug trafficking, and they weren't linked to the organization at all. Some of them had died in an accident according to their death certificate, and some were killed in the organization's armed conflicts. Mujahedin, even had added a large number of casualties from Mersaad operation to the list. Masoud Rajavi called it (the blood bank) and the names added to the list later, were called (the benefit of the blood bank).

If I was a CIA advisor, I definitely would've insisted that even though the faking, exaggerating and lying, specially with a terrorist group like Mujahedin's backup, might've helped the Anti-Iran scenario in short term, but in the end it was going to damage the very Anti-Iran forces.

Translated by: Roya Jalali