Torture Trainings for SAVAK agents in United States On 14 July 1978, Herald Tribune claimed that CIA has kept its relations with SAVAK despite their reputation for torturing politics in prison. New York Times said that there were 250 Iranian agents in United States learning the tactics of quashing protests and torturing prisoners.

Two high circulated US papers published supported documents of this relationship. Herald Tribune published an article titled "United States Exports and the safety of Shah" written by "Nicholas Gage".

The article says: "...Efforts are made in releasing policies unless it comes across the interests of Shah, and that's because Iran is one of the countries that imports too many goods from United States... The United States has also helped Shah equip security forces, specificly SAVAK...SAVAK was established by CIA in 1957. Its men were trained in US as parts of various programs until the late 60's. "

The criticism was more about prisoners of conscience, and it made American authorities stop helping... But CIA is closely in touch with SAVAK and they cooperate in joint operations in third world countries especially Soviet Union and Afqanistan".

Nicholas Gage adds: "Right now, There are 50 CIA agents operating in Iran, and 100 retired counter espionage agents are going to be sent to Iran to operate in a system of controling complex radio calls. The question is how they are retired? Since Turkey shut down all CIA bases in its country, Iraq and Afqanistan have been the most important bases to collect and record Soviet Union radio signals. One of the most important goals of CIA in Iran, is to monitor the loyalty of the armed forces to Shah, and although there's no doubt about the chief officers, younger officers are not to be totally trusted".

New York Times wrote: "It's obvious that American advisors has been actively involved in establishment of Iran's intelligence service. The American officers organized the intelligence forces in Iran and privided the organization with the latest equipment. CIA initiated SAVAK and then Israel's intelligence service had an important part in expansion and fortification of it. 20 SAVAK chief officers were trained in Navy Military Base in Virginia and then passed especial courses about politics and intelligence in the office of Strategic Services. Other SAVAK agents also are and still being trained in United States. The current number is said to be 250, all being trained for torturing protestors and quashing demonstrations... There is a continuous exchange of news and information between SAVAK and CIA. They are so close that they usually operate in the affairs of a third country together.

Source: Islamic Revolution Calender, Islamic Revolution literature book 14 July 1978 entry