The brutal massacre of the Iranian people on the orders of a U.S. general
IRDC.IR: Another assassination like the one on the 17th of Shahrivar took place in Enqelab Square. This event is usually ignored. During this event, the taghuti agents attacked the people. An American general [Robert Huyser] - who on the last days of the former regime had come to Iran to save it from the Revolution - is quoted as saying, "I gathered the Shah's generals and asked them to lower their gun barrels." 

On many occasions, the Shah's soldiers used to fire into the air in order to scare the people, but this person asked the Shah's generals to lower their gun barrels and to aim at the people. 

As a result, the soldiers executed the order in Enqelab Square by lowering their gun barrels and aiming at the people. They martyred a large number of the people, but it was not effective because the people did not retreat. 

They continued their movement. After that, one of the commanders of the Shah's army - Gharabaghi who was the commander-in-chief of the army at that time - went to Huyser and said to him, "Your order was not effective because it could not make the people move back." In his memoirs, Huyser writes, "What childish analyses they have. What do they mean?" He goes on to say, "Gharabaghi expected the issue to be over with one attempt, but this should continue. They should massacre the people wherever they see them." This is America. America completely ruled over the country for 25 years. 

These were the orders that it used to issue to the Shah's generals. The Americans had the final say in Iran in economic, political and security matters and in the area of foreign policy. This is the complete rule of America during the time of the taghuti regime. Such a regime used to rule over our country. Its officers, its minister of finance, its minister of defense, its prime minister and even the Shah himself obeyed America unquestioningly! Such a regime used to rule over our country.