Press reports of the clergy holding a sit-in in University of Tehran

IRDC.IR: The clergy from all over the country had arrived at Tehran, to welcome Imam Khomeini. They held a meeting at Refah school, on 27 January 1979, and they decided to hold a sit-in in University of Tehran, and protest against preventing Imam from entering the country.

On 28 January, the sit-in began. Kayhan reported on 29 January:"It began with almost 40 clergymen, and gradually hundreds joined them. Plus clergy adversaries from Tehran, deputies on behalf of clergymen from other cities and some teachers of Qom seminary participated in the sit-in. It's been announced that the sit-in is against preventing Imam from entering the country by shutting down the airports, and it'll be continued until Imam returns to Iran."

According to the same report, the clergy protesters had made their first statement: "The illegal, aggressive government of Shapour Bakhtiar's actions, insulting the prestige of the Iranian nation were off limits. On Friday, 26 January massacres took place in Tehran, Tabriz, Rasht, Gorgan, Abadan, Sanandaj and some other cities. And Bakhtiar has hurt pure feelings of Iranians, by shutting the airports to prevent their beloved leader, Imam Khomeini, from entering Iran, while they were eagerly waiting for their dignified leader with their hearts full of love and their eyes full of tears. The dreadful anger of the Iranian nation will burn down him and his masters.

We'll be holding a sit-in , from 9:00 am, Sunday, 28 January, in University of Tehran's mosque, until ayatollah Khomeini's allowed to return home. And from this sacred place, with our student brothers, side by side, we'll make the world hear our voice, demanding our rights."

On the same day, Kayhan reported: "the number of clergy protesters had passed 400 by noon. Reading and translation holy Quran in one of their plans in the mosque. Mr Khamenei, Mr Hashemi, and Mr Motahhari give lectures among the protesters.

As the press reported, Ayatollah Seyyed Mahmoud Taleqani joined the protesters at 5:00 pm. The sit-in was supported by the people. Kayhan Wrote: "A large number of people has brought food, clothes and other stuff for the protesters. Their efforts and unity was unexplainable. Before the martial law started, people had come to University of Tehran to bring food and supplies for the protesters."

Translated by: Roya Jalali