Rouhollah Husseinian
Final Victory

IRDC.IR: Upon the rise of the sun in February 11th, 1979, and following the people’s access to the Army’s military stockpiles, the revolution was gradually approaching to the final victory.

Military forces established in critical locations of the capital surrendered to revolutionary forces as a result of which, the fundamental pillars of the Shah’s regime were weakened further. In various districts of the capital, military forces that had joined the revolution were engaged in teaching the people how to use the seized guns.

Different groups of people were gathered around the defected army personnel and, after receiving primary military trainings, took arms and joined the combatant forces. Revolutionary forces then besieged the police and Military Governor’s Headquarter. Security guards of the Police Headquarter resisted for almost an hour, but they were defeated by revolutionary forces and General Badrei was arrested. General Badrei was transferred to Imam Khomeini (RA)’s xe "a:Imam Khomeini"committee in Iran School. During these clashes, people seized 3 tanks and hundreds of guns, too.

While a group of people were trying to capture military centers, some other groups were endeavoring to seize the control of cultural centers. Revolutionary forces attached special importance to the release of prisoners. Therefore, they swarmed towards Evin and Ghasr prisons and liberated people jailed in there. Revolutionary forces were required to practice their control over political centers, too. For this reason, they seized the premiership, the Majlis, and the Senate buildings in the afternoon. Revolutionary forces had previously occupied ministries and were engaged in managing their administrative affairs. According to statistics published by hospital sources, some 235 people had been martyred up to the midday of February 11th, 1979, and 878 others had been injured.

Final Victory

During the February 11th clashes, several high-ranking military commanders were killed and several others were arrested. General Rahimi was one the arrestees. After being arrested by revolutionary forces, he pointed out: "I was a soldier. I had sworn an oath of allegiance and I should have remained committed to that oath. Expressing my appreciation of Imam Khomeini’s xe "a:Imam Khomeini"character, I was moving in a direction in which I was supposed to do my best for the Army. Meanwhile, I believed in this revolution and I am assured that Iran will move towards progress afterwards.”

xe "a:Bakhtiar"Bakhtiar, who was still hopeful of maintaining his government, issued a definite order at 6 a.m. He contacted General Rabiei and ordered him to bomb "the Air Force education center in Doshan Tappeh and the Ammunition Factory.” However, General Rabiei answered: "The Air Force can not do anything in such circumstances, because its personnel, especially Homafars, have been armed and established on the roof of the education center in order to confront the Royal Guard forces.” In February 11th, 1979, the Council of Army Commanders held a session at 10:30 a.m. Some 27 Army commanders participated in this session.

Final Victory

After receiving the reports about the state of affairs in the country, participant commanders concluded that resistance is no longer possible and the Army should declare its neutrality. The text of the statement in which the Army’s neutrality had been declared was broadcasted from Radio Tehran’s news editions of 13:00 and 14:00 hours. The text of this statement was as follows:

"The Iranian Army has so far been tasked for defending the independence and xe "p:Tehran"territorial integrity of our dear country. During recent internal crises, the Iranian Army has so far endeavored to carry out this responsibility as well as possible. Considering recent developments in the country, the Supreme Council of the Army held a session at 10:30 in which it was unanimously agreed upon that the Army declare its neutrality in current political disputes. Therefore, military units have been ordered to withdraw to their headquarters. The Iranian Army has always supported, and will support, the noble and patriotic Iranian nation. It will advocate the wishes of the Iranian nation by all means.”

Final Victory

A couple of minutes after 2 p.m., xe "a:Bakhtiar"Bakhtiar heard the bursts of gunfire and the people’s hues and cries inside the premiership building. He was panicked and left the building immediately. xe "a:Bakhtiar"Bakhtiar went to the campus of the Officers Faculty which was located across the street and boarded a helicopter stationed there and flew towards an unspecified destination. A couple of minutes later, revolutionary forces captured the prime minister’s office. According to the Etela’at reports, while people were bringing down the xe "m:Etela’at"pillars of the Pahlavi regime one after another and Imamxe "g:Pahlavi" Khomeini (RA) wasxe "a:Imam Khomeini" enthusiastically following up the news of latest developments in the country, "Mr. Bazargan, the acting prime minister, was absent from his office.”

One of Bazargan’s close associates said: "Important negotiations are underway and if these negotiations bear fruit, Bakhtiarxe "a:Bakhtiar" will resign.” It was so surprising! While the thundering power of the revolution was demolishing the pillars of the Shah’s regime, Bazargan was wasting his time by bargaining with a defeated politician who had no status in the future of Iranian affairs. It was an indicator of Bazargan’s and his friends’ utmost naivety and simple-mindedness who underestimated the power of the people and the revolution.

It was at around 6 p.m. that it was eloquently announced by the Radio that:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful!

This is the voice of the Islamic Revolution of Iran!

Afterwards, Imam Khomeini (RA)’s xe "a:Imam Khomeini"message was read out and then revolutionary songs were broadcasted.

Actually, it was Hojatoleslam xe "a:Mahalati"Hajj Sheikh Fazlollah Mahalati’s voice which was broadcasting from the Radio. He had gone to the Radio Headquarters on behalf of Imam Khomeini (RA)’s xe "a:Imam Khomeini"office. Meanwhile, revolutionary forces seized the control of the TV Headquarters in Jam-e Jam Street and Ayatollah Mousavi Ardabili read out Imam Khomeini (RA)’s xe "a:Imam Khomeini"message.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces was the last pillar of the regime that was captured by revolutionary forces. Popular forces besieged the Headquarter of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A couple of hours later, the personnel of this center surrendered themselves upon xe "a:Beheshti(Ayatollah )"Ayatollah Beheshti’s intermediation.

Afterwards, revolutionary forces occupied the Headquarter. Upon the completion of the victory of the revolution and in order to prevent the disintegration of the Army, Imam Khomeini (RA) xe "a:Imam Khomeini"issued a statement in the evening of February 11th, 1979. In his statement, Imam Khomeini (RA) xe "a:Imam Khomeini"urged the people to maintain their tranquility in the current state of affairs and pointed out: "The Army forces have withdrawn to their barracks and declared their neutrality in political affairs of the country. They have also expressed their support of the [Iranian] nation.”

Elsewhere in his statement, Imam Khomeini (RA) xe "a:Imam Khomeini"recommended the people to maintain their tranquility and prevent saboteurs from putting public properties on fire and creating disorder in the society. He also cautioned the people against attacking foreign embassies. Imam Khomeini (RA) xe "a:Imam Khomeini"warned the people to keep their preparedness so that if "God forbidden, the Army intended to return to the scene, they can thwart that plot with an overriding power and defend themselves.”

Upon the sunset of February 11th, 1979, the revolution had almost definitely triumphed. All military, police, and security headquarters along with all cultural and political centers had either been seized by people or had declared their solidarity with the revolution. From this stage on, the completion of the victory of the Islamic Revolution was entailed on construction, tranquility, and order. In the night, Imam Khomeini (RA) xe "a:Imam Khomeini"issued another statement which was broadcasted from radio at 10 p.m. "I urge all my dear brothers and sisters to cooperate with the interim government, which has inherited the ruins of the former corrupt governments, so that we can, through the Almighty God’s support, reconstruct a flourished and free Islamic Iran, which is vied by all the world.”

Refrence: An Introduction to Islamic Revolution in Iran. Rouhollah Husseinian