Imam Khomeini appreciated the French Nation for their hospitality / an interesting gift from to French girls for Imam Khomeini

Irdc: Imam Khomeini announced his decision to return Iran on very first days of January 1979. Finally, February 1 was chosen for him to come back. But there's interesting untold stories about the last days Imam spent in France.

Imam's last meeting with France police

On January 31, Imam sent a message to French nation and government and thanked them for their hospitality. In the last hours of that day, Neauphle le chateau police chief went to visit him with Imam's security team. He delivered a speech and added: "your presence here in Neauphle le chateau was a real blessing, we got to know and visit great people whom we never thought we'd get a chance to meet. Imam Khomeini also had prepared a letter to thank the police for their favors. It was translated to French and given to them.

A gift from two girls

People in Neauphle le chateau also gave him a bottle of French soil as a present.

when Imam was preparing to leave for the airport, two girls went to his residence and asked Mr Ferdowsipour to meet Imam. He apologized and told them Imam was packing, so they gave him a sealed bottle of French soil and asked him to bring them two photos signed by Imam. They explained that it's a French tradition to give a beloved person the most precious gift, French soil, as a good bye present. Imam signed two photos and sent them for the girls. At night, Imam left for Charle De Gol airport in the suburbs of Paris, to fly to Iran, where millions were waiting for him.

Translated by: Roya Jalali