US interference in Morroco

IRDC.IR: In January 1983 the government of Morroco had to announce "The tragic death of General Ahmed Deylami who was the closest advisor to King Hassan II for over twenty years and the commander of the military forces in south of Morroco, in a car accident".

When the reporter of Le Monde newspaper dared to write that the car accident was not the cause of his death, he was immediately exiled from the country.

In March, Dr. Ahmed Rami, Morrocan political science professor who was also exiled and living in Sweden, claimed that Deylami was murdered by King Hassan and his Intelligence agents and CIA has had played a big part in this murder.

Ahmed Rami was a lieutenant in Morrocan army and the leader of the Free Officers movement. He noted: "But CIA was investigating on Deylami without our notice. In January 1983, CIA handed a file to King Hassan which included a video tape from Deylami's meeting with me in Stockholm from last December. This tape was enough to destroy Deylami.

New York Times wrote: "Morroco has become the closest and the most profitable ally of the United States".

King Hassan had obviously attached the destiny of his dominion to Reagan's administration. In 1981, he had met Caspar Weinberger, the defence minister, Alexander Haig, the foreign minister, CIA Second Chief of Staff,Head of foreign relations committee of the Senate, and some other important authorities of Washington. Deputy Minister of Defense in international security affairs had gone to Morroco with 23 advisors and military experts, and more than 100 Americans were cooperating with Morrocan Army. King Hassan had extensively collaborated with US policy in Africa. He sent Morrocan troops to support US operations in Zaire in 1977 and 1978. He also had helped Unita forces to overthrow MPLA in Angola alongside the United States and South Africa. He had allowed CIA to settle his station in Morroco, which was maybe one the key positions of the organization in Africa. Considering all these, he had the support of the United States. And that was the reason why CIA informed him of the double life of General Deylami. Furthermore, it seemed like Deylami was willing to get help from France, the former colonial power than US, and CIA considered this as a danger for the United States in that country, and insisted that Hassan must get rid of him.

Ahmed Rami said that Deylami was called to attend Morroco's Royal Palace at 11 PM, January 23, 1983. He was taken to an interrogation room in the basement by ten security agents. At 1 AM, King Hassan arrived with two American officers and they spent a couple of hours there. She was tortured and finally executed by shooting at 5 AM. Then they put his body in his car and took him to suburbs, and they blew the car. No one was allowed to see his corpes, even his own family.

Translated by: Roya Jalali