The main role of resistance against colonialism

IRDC.IR: In the history of resistance against colonialsim, the main roles and the leadership of the revolts have always belonged to the clergymen and religous scholars. Here is an example:

During World War I, when Ayatollah Lari decreed Jihad against the colonialsim of UK in 1918, the revolt of people in South of Iran were contrived. The decree mentioned:"...this is an immediate obligation for every Muslim, inside or outside the country. Disobedience, no matter they join the enemy or not, means disobeying Imam Mahdi. They'll be apostatized."

This fatwa was highly welcomed by the public. The head of the tribes put the paper on his eyes after reading the letter and said:" This is a revelation for me. I am immediately heading to Shiraz with my family and my servants, and I announce the nearby tribes to be ready to sacrifise for their religion and their country. I will inform them of Imam's order in person tommorow on my way to Shiraz".

In less than 15 days, 6000 people were ready for Jihad. The head of the tribes considered the forces enough to blockade Shiraz. In Shaaban of 1336, he declaired war against English troops. UK embassodor confirms that the initiator of the movememts in South of Iran, was a fundamentalist clergy called Seyyed AbdolHossein Lari.

Their efforts ended up protecting a huge part of Iran from trespassing UK forces, and setting Muslim population of those areas free.