The feedback of Ramadan Operation in foreign media

Irdc: Ramadan Operation was initiated on the night of 21 Ramadan, the martydom of Imam Ali, 23 Tir 1361, and it surprised not only Ba’ath party, but also politician all over the world, especially Americans.

The press published the news of initiation of the operation, with the code name "Ya Sahib al Zaman Adrekni”. France News Agency, Reuters, Associated Press, communicated military statements from Islamic republic of Iran Radio. France News Agency wrote: "Iran’s attack to Iraqi spots was an expected attack”

Reuters reported from London: "Iran Radio sent an Arabic message to Iraqi nation: Islamic army is coming to set you free from Saddam and Zionists’ slavery, and then then it’s heading to Quds”.

Reuters added: "Iranians won’t put their armors down till they overthrow the Imperialist government. They have named the next Friday” Quds Day” and they consider Iraq the only way they can get to Israeli forces in Lebenon”.

In another report, Reuters mentioned that the operation will put US interests in Persian Gulf at risk.

Right after the attack, Ronald Reagan negotiated with the leaders of the congress about the consequences of this war.

Financial Times wrote: "The West understimated the power and persistance of Ayatollah Khomeni’s revolution and it seems that Iran has rose as a huge power in the region”.

Washington Post wrote: "As American authorities say, the news has alarmed Washington and Iran’s victory in this operation will make things seriously complicated”.

Washington Post also exposed the idea that US will act alongside Iraq more more purposefully.

Source: Holy Defense History "Ramadan in Ramadan” V. 23, Islamic Republic Document Center