The fatal mistake of US in invading Iraq

Irdc: United States occupied Iraq at once nut they had no plan from that time on. This, plus inefficiency and mismanagement of those in charge, brought hardship and dreadful consequences to their country.

Although the Persian Gulf war ||, US invading Iraq, cost a fortune for the American government and nation, it could not reach to any of the predetermined goals. After years of military occupation in Iraq, there were no signs of mass murder weapons or atomic activities in Iraq found, as US authorities confessed so. On the other hand, fighting against Terrorism which was one of the main mottos of US, not only was not accomplished, but also more violence and disorder were spread in the country, so that Iraq became the most insecure country in the world on that period of time and terrorist attacks took the lives of many Iraqi pepole.

George W Bush, the then US president and main actor in invading Iraq, says: "We went to Iraq proudly assuming that we could rebuild the country the way we wanted. We failed ludicrously”.

In March 19 2006, the Iraq war anniversary, Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense, wrote an article for Washington post, alleging their victory as usual: "The security forces in Iraq are firm enough and democracy is progressing. Even the 22 February bombing in Askariah Mosque in Samarra had a good aspect, cause the following incidents showed that the majority of Iraqis want their country to stay unified and get away from ethnic struggles”.

Then there came a shocking confession: "Right now if we back down, there are many reasons that Saddam’s supporters and terrorists would fill the vacancy. Turning our back to the situation after Iraq war, is a modern substitute for handing over Germany to Nazis after the war”.

Some may expect the Secretary of Defense to speak clearly. The fact that Iraq security forces were one of the most important factors to lead the country to civil war and expand the ethnic gaps is more important than what Iraqi politicians adulate about the national union. On the other hand, the consequences of US leaving Iraq is not as fatal as Rumsfeld said. There is no chance for ba’ath party to gain back power. US government must first accept the truth, if they want to speak overtly to their people.

Source: The end of Iraq: How American incompetence created a war without end, Islamic Republic Document Center