Banisadr’s perfidious collaboration with CIA

IRDC.IR: In 1979, Abolhassan Banisadr was linked to CIA through a person under cover of an American trading company. For 1000 dollars a month, and with the code "S. D. Lure/1” he started his collaboration with CIA in 1979. His betrayal caused a great damage to the country.

CIA agents connection with Banisadr

One of the CIA agents describes their relationship with Banisadr: "When Imam was in France, a retired CIA officer was sent to France to contact Mr. Banisadr. The time of the first meeting was a short while before Ayatollah Khomeni’s return to Iran. We intended to hire Banisadr. In the last meeting he agreed to operate as a reliable economic advisor for the company and he accepted the offer of 1000 dollars salary”.

In a secret document of June 7 1979 of CIA, it’s mentioned that one of the CIA operators in Iran called Khosro Qashqaei with the code name "S. D. Rotter/4” brought up Banidar’s name in his meeting with Tom Ahern, CIA Chief of Station in Tehran: If you haven’t contacted Banisadr yet, you’d better do. Qashqaei insisted that Banisadr woul be useful for CIA”.

According to Masoumeh Ebtekar, one of the students who took over the Den of Spies: "… One of the documents was about a man called S. D Lure by CIA. In January 1980, (a month before Presidency Election, we found 7 documents about this guy in Ahern’s safe in his office. His phone number was there and when we checked it, we realized it was for Mr. Banisadr, who was about to be elected as the president of Iran. Another document mentioned him as an information source”.

Banisadr’s collaboration with CIA agents

According to a secret report of CIA in September 4 1979, a CIA agent alias Rotterford met Banisadr in September 3, after the meeting of Assembly of Constitution Experts. They talked for two hours and Banisadr gave him information about Bazargan’s cabinet, The Council of Revolution, Attorney of Revolution, and Islamic Revolution Committees. From the Intelligence he handed over in the meeting, it’s obvious that he exactly knew who was he talking to, an Intelligence Agent. A CIA document from September 9 1979, claimed that Banisadr would collude against Islamic Republic one day.

Banisadr supported US actions in Iran

Banisadr always supported the criminal actions of the United States in Iran. For instance, after taking over the Den of Spies by students, Banisadr, then administrator in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was afraid that his secret relations with US would be revealed, so he was against this action and went to the embassy and asked the students to let the American hostages go and leave the embassy.

After Tabas incident, Banisadr, the president and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, ordered to destroy the leftovers of American military equipments and all the documents left in American helicopters were wasted. As Hashemi Rafsanjani said: "In that situation, when the Americans had gone (escaped), what was the emergency to bomb the area”?

When reporters asked him about the reason of this order, he said "So that the helicopters stop working and be unable to leave”.

In July 5 1980, when Nojeh coup plot was failed by the Intelligence service and most operators where arrested, Banisadr ordered to release 51 of them in Ahwaz.

Banisadr also got some documents related to US and its allies out of the country. According to Javad Mansouri, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: "Mr. Nateqi had gotten some documents out of the Ministry and they were moved out of the country by Mr. Banisadr’s office. Most of the documents were about Iran’s relationship with United States, Israel and England in Pahlavi era, and as far as we know, they were transfered to Belgium”.