A review on US president’s crimes

Irdc: American technology has developed on the basis of military industries. American elites, use science and technology to produce strategic weapons, military aircrafts, war ships, atom bombs and nuclear missiles.

US presidents background

George Washington, the first president (1787, 1797) was a military man. In in 1975 he was chosen as the commander in US independence war by the immigrants congress.

Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States (1836, 1828) was a military man. William Henry Harrison, the 9th president (1841, 1844) was a general. Zachary Taylor, the 12th president, was one of the commanders who shed blood in war against Mexico and Americans voted for him because of his massacre. Ulysses Grant, the 18th (1869, 1877) was a general. He is known in American history as a criminal who killed lots of American Indians in several operations. He was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during Jackson's presidency. Rutherford Hayes, the 19th president (1877, 1881) was a general. William Howard Taft, the 27th president (1909, 1913) was a military general who attended the Spain War. After Spain's defeat, he became Philippines military governor and then Cuba's.

Franklin Roosevelt, the 32nd president (1933, 1945) who was president for 12 years, was a military man and had worked as Vice chief of Naval operations. World War || started in his time. After his death, Americans voted for a ruthless general called Harry Truman. He, still suffering from US humiliation in Pearl Harbor, ordered the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and murdered hundreds of thousands innocent people. This war crime didn't end there and years and years after the bombings, hundreds of thousands were killed or born disabled because of the atomic radiations. After Truman, Americans chose a military general once again. Eisenhower, the 34th president of the United States (1953, 1961) was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during World War || and after the war, became the Secretary General of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

The warmongering spirit of Americans was the reason why a war commandor who was responsible for 40.000.000 deaths was chosen as the president. It's surprising that the 35th president, John F. Kennedy, was a navy officer who had served in Pacific ocean during the World War.

Turning Science into a weapon of war

Americans, before interfering in World War ||, dreaming of governing the world, thought of making atomic bombs. "Making an atomic bomb and its usage was fully discussed in the highest levels of administration. The plan was initiated in 1939. The only purpose was to control the nuclear energy to make a bomb portable by aircrafts". US authorities put all the scientists (like Einstein) and all the universities to work for this purpose and finally in 1945, they tested the first atomic bomb successfully.

With this victory, American elite encouraged scientific centers to put science at War's service. The scientific resources of the universities were used for military affairs during the World War ||.

Thousands of scientists were only working on atomic bomb's project, most of the not knowing what purpose their research will be used for.

Universities, even the Human Sciences were put at US militarism's service. In 1956, University of Washington D.C established an organization called The Research Center of Societies. They study Psychological Warfare and Military Construction in teh third world. University of George Washington established an institute in 1951, called Human Resources Research Organization, which employed scientists to write curriculum and design psychological tests for the military. After a while it was seprated from the university and now it works as a non profit independent organizations, getting its budget directly from the military. Other dependent and independent organizations were also established.

Russian government announced the launch of Sputnik into an elliptical low earth orbit on 4 October 1957. The US authorities denied it at first but the feeling of being defeated against Russian Space Development, made them put all their efforts and technology to work onSpace - Military plans.

Following things such as Star Wars, especially after dissolution of the Soviet Union, is a sign of military characterstics of US authorities and strategists.