CIA footprint in the assassination of nuclear martyrs

Irdc: After the victory of Islamic revolution, the United States and the West continued their animosity towards Iran, by assassination of the people, the authorities and the elites. They completed their puzzle of supporting terrorist organizations linked with Israel and Mujahedin, with assassination of Iran's Nuclear Scientists.

John Classer stated in an article on 4 November 2011: "The United States has taken some actions to stop Iran's nuclear program, including: Using Cyber Terrorism, the assassination of Iranian Scientists, Financial Blockade and Proxy War". Patrick Clawson, the Director for Research at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, believes that killing the scientists is one way to confront Iran and says: "Terror, is the road ahead us".

NBC qouted from a U.S. authority without revealing his name that the strikes against the people involved in Iran's atomic program has operated by Israel's Intelligence Service with Washington's notice.

Independent, published in UK, revealed the trails of the United States in nuclear assassinations and mentioned three events: "Publishing new documents by Wikileaks", "Assassination of Iran's nuclear scientists" and "Nomination of the new Mossad directer". It explained: "These events seem to be unrelated, but the leak of the United States Department of State documents about theirs worries about Iran's nuclear program, the mysterious assassination of Iran's nuclear scientists in Tehran and choosing Tamir Pardo as the Director of Mossad has linked them". The writer of the report, who is an expert in strategic, intelligent and terrorist affairs, added: "The recent terrors in Iran is a part of Israel's Intelligence service enless efforts alongside MI6 and CIA, to distrupt, delay or stop Iran's efforts to achieve its nuclear goals". On 11 November 2011, Gaurdian reported that the "Black Operation", run by U.S. and Israel, has targeted Iran's nuclear scientists.

On January 2011, Israel's Ministery of Foreign Affairs News Agency wrote: "The attempts to kill Iran's nuclear scientists has been part of U.S.,UK and Israel's plan to prevent Iran from making atom bombs".

After the assassination of Majid Shahriari, Phil Giraldi, the former CIA officer, confessed in a note published on IRI Center that on 28 November 2010, U.S. And Israel Intelligence Services assassinated Iran's nuclear scientist. After assassination of Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan, Times Magazine wrote that the West, lead by U.S., is doing a "secret large-scale effort" to make Iran setback from its nuclear program.

But the most important qoute about U.S. role in the assassination of Iran's nuclear scientists is of Ramsey Clarck, the former United States Attorney General. He issued an statement revealing the U.S. role in this terror: "Another Scientist, Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan, has been assassinated in Iran in an explosion caused by a bomb attached to his car. This is the fifth scientist targeted by the terrorist in last two years... This operation is actually a deadly rise of criminal secret activities of Israel and United States, and their local undercovers and terrorists, against Iran's people and government...... While Hillary Clinton, the United States Secretary of State has denied U.S. role in these activities, but the important truth is that the governments of Israel and United States named Iran as their enemy and.... The assassination of Iran's nuclear scientists is an attempt to scare Iranian people..... by Israel and the United States".