The Reza Shah functionaries violence

Irdc: Gavin Hambley, the History Professor from University of Texas, Dallas, United States has participated in authoring the book "History of Iran" published by University of Cambridge. He has mentioned the violence of Pahlavi dynasty: "During the Pahlavi era, there is no darker part than chasing and oppressing the tribes by Reza Shah mercenaries.

Here are some actions of Reza Shah functionaries during first Pahlavi era:

1. William Douglas, Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, who had visited tribes in 1949 and 1950, has written about Qashqayis in his book (quoting from a website): "During Reza Shah time, there was a Capitan (Abbas Khan Nikbakht) serving in that area. He had some whelps that their mother had died. He sent his troopers to the village every Day to collect 2 liters of mothers' milk for the whelps by force. He didn't accept cow of goat milk. For months, the whelps were fed by Qashqayi mothers' milk. This is what we won't forget or forgive".

2. On page 238 of the book "The Tone of Kindness" by Zohre Khaleqi, in honor of Qamar-ol-molouk Vaziri, there's a story told by her: "Amir Ahmadi (General Ahmad Khan) 300 invited me and Morteza Khan Naydavoud (a Tar Master) to his house to perform music. After I performed, they throw flowers on the stage and then the general kissed my hand, asked me to sit by his side and told the maids to bring the haversack he had brought from Lorestan. He took out a pair of earrings from it and put one of them in my ear. He could not put the other on in and gave it to me. I looked St OT and I saw a small soft black thing on it. I immediately knew that the earrings were robbed by force. I took the other one off and brought them to Haj Aboulhasan Laleh, the Jeweler, in Istunbul junction and gave the money to the poor....