The stolen jewelry of the Pahlavi dynasty The court master of ceremonies announced that the operation had been started for preparing Shah and his family to leave on 14 January 1979. He ordered to bring in the identification tags with the logo of the crown for the luggage, boxes and chests, in order to be packed and checked for the last time.

According to Afkar News, misspending and wasting Iran's wealth was not stopped even after the fall of the regime and Shah's escape. Many people have mentioned the huge costs of the 2500-year celebration of the Persian Empire.

After he escaped from Iran, he was repeatedly exiled from the countries he had settled in, and each and every governor of those countries robbed the looted wealth and treasures he had taken with him.

Farah Pahlavi's necklace

Farah ordered to pack 384 luggage and boxes. A team approved by Farah were responsible for gathering and packing jewels, diamonds, golden watches, tiaras, diadems and antiques which were being kept in safe places of Niavaran Palace. Farah overlooked the whole process. The financial office of the court packed the US dollars in cash. To name some of the robbed jewels we can mention the King's Crown with 3380 diamonds, 50 emeralds, 368 pearls weighing 2.08 Kg with invaluable price, and the Queen's Crown with 1646 diamonds and lots of other jewels and gold, worth a few dozen million dollars.

As the jewels had to be packed immediately, many of them were stolen by the members of the packing team and never found...

The narration of an English paper about the robbery of Pahlavi dynasty from Iranians

Financial Times, in a report on the occasion of existing uprisings in Arab countries against the dictators, reviewed the amount of finances and wealth taken out by the runaway dictators from various countries. According to the report, Muhammadreza Pahlavi had taken 35 billion dollars out of Iran. But with a quick observation on the activities of his close friends in Iran right after he escaped, we can tell the figures were more than that. It's assumed that this was just the foreign currency he took away with him, acquired by selling some of his properties in Iran including 220 hectares of lands. According to the data published by American newspapers, Shah's wealth consisted of a complex network of companies, foundations, bank accounts, a land in Costa Del Sol, Spain, a villa in Saint Moritz, Switzerland (which was later bought by Silvio Berlusconi) and many other properties all over the world.

Zahedi's narration of Iran's national wealth looted by Shah

Ardeshir Zahedi, who was of close relationship with the court, has written: "Tehran's attorney during Sharif Emami administration arranged an accurate list of the people who had taken away foreign currency from the country. His majesty was accused of taking 31 billion dollars".

Zahedi was the foreign minister and Iran’s last ambassador in United States, and Shah's son in law.

Naderi Throne

Zahedi was the only official who stood by Muhammadreza during his illness when he was exiled. He tried so hard for his residence in the United States. There are documents revealing that in revolution days, when many organizations were on strike, on 6 December 1978, the Central Bank employees published the list of the people who had taken out foreign currency during September and October. It included some officials (178 persons) taking out some of their properties worth about 13 billion dollars.

Farah Pahlavi and his children claim that Shah's wealth worth only 60 million dollars, which contradicts with the information we have about the jewels and the amount of currency mentioned above.