People resisting the advisors, the interests and the bases of the United States in Iran 53 years of Pahlavi dynasty ruling Iran, is a special period of time. They are the only monarchs who had gained power by overt and covert support of British and American colonialists, and by staging a coup d'etat. Reza Shah was supported till the end of his era, and when they decided that Muhammadreza should take his place, he obeyed. During Muhammadreza Pahlavi era, and after 19 August 1953 coup, the British lost their place in Iran and never managed to take it back, so they agreed to share their influence with their ally, the United States.

The United States influence in Iran and the Middle East rised up after the World War ||. When the cold war began, US put away the Monroe Doctrine and the isolationism policy, and performed the Marshall and Truman Doctrine. Meanwhile evolutions were taking place worldwide, United States stepped into international and regional affairs. Until 1979, they took control of the country and used Iran as their backyard. From 1963, when people first started the protests, up to 1979, the United States did everything to save the monarchs. Their last efforts, the hardest ones, in 1978-1979, were meant to protect Shah no matter what. They didn't want to give up their authority in Iran.

On last days of I978, when Carter was in camp David, Iran's situation got tense. Warren Christopher, the deputy Secretary of State, initiated a committee to investigate Iran's situation. The investigation revealed the instability of regime. Their last move was sending Huyser to Iran, who left the country with frustration on February 3.

US proceedings which made people more indignant than ever, were supporting Shah to form a military government to face the people directly, forming the deception government by Bakhtiar, and staging a coup. People resisted them with protests, writing slogans on the walls, distributing statements, revealing the history of colonialism for others, and threatening US that they would initiate attacks to their individuals and bases.