The faithlessness Of USA
The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Center, the American Badminton Electronic Editions, was published by the US House of Lords survey.

The site of the Islamic Revolutionary Library's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Center on the United States Illustration has said: "The history of the world is full of evidence of America's misdeed to other countries, and historical evidence shows that the United States has no obligation to fulfill its obligations and is bound to Do not respect the covenant even against his allies. Accordingly, the American Badjawi Electronic Ebook reviews US history of American descent in history.
In this case, Hojatoleslam Islam and Roshal Hosseinian during a memorandum in four sections discusses the nature of the political system, militarism, capitalist structure and imperialist policies of the United States, and answers to the question why you can not trust the United States.
Also, in part of this specialist article, Yakub Tavakli, a history expert and scholar, examines American engagement with his allies and US treachery records. He also pledged an indictment to the interim administration on arms sales in the case.
In other parts of the Nobel Prize in the United States, reports include titled "Reflection of American Oil Trafficking in Iran and Britain," "16 Historical Historians of America's betrayal to its allies," "America's Malaisey to Mossadeq," 9 historical evidence of US betrayal Iran "and" The US Army's Pahlavi regime's equipping with the United States ".

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