Forty years of US failures in Iran _ part 2
IRDC.IR: Many political analysts and experts believe that islamic revolution resulted in US power failure in international politics. This document is an overview of US failures in Iran.

US failure during Nojeh coup plot 

US defense minister, director of CIA and US national security advisor mention in their diaries that after US failure in Tabas, they were told to consider plans to seek revenge. So in the headquarters of the coup in Paris, Shapour Bakhtiar took the lead to contribute any support to stage the coup. 
Naser Rokni, one of the operators of the coup confesses: "If US had nothing to do with this coup d`etat, it couldn't be staged from the very beginning." He claims that US provided the fund directly and indirectly, namely the 10 million dollar cheque for Saudi Arabia. 
But this ended up as a failed coup too. 
Shortly before the coup happened in July 11th, 1980, a US Air Force pilot turned his back on them and came to ayatollah Khamenei and revealed the secrets about the coup. 

US failure in Iran - Iraq war 

Nojeh coup was failed, so they went on with  this option: Iraq's ba'ath regime invading Iran! 
After numerous confidential meetings with chiefs of ba'ath party, Brzezinski announced that:" the main goal is to overthrow the current government in Iran"
In the one last meeting with Saddam Hussein, US national security advisor stated that US was willing to support Iraq's military to invade Iran. 
During 8 years of imposed war on Iran, US didn't hesitate to contribute any kind of financial and weaponry support to ba'ath regime. Sending weapons to Iraq, providing them with intelligence, putting international pressure to impose sanctions on Iran, using U.N. to make statements against Iran, taking the control of media and using it against Iran were just a few examples of US association in the imposed war on Iran. 
But despite all the supports, Iran's victoeis at the fronts were increasing day by day, so that the congress stated in its annual report of 1987, that the best way to prevent Iraq's failure in the war and to protect US political prestige, was to end the war through an international concerted effort. 
That way, another failure was noted in the list of US failures in Iran. 

Failing in arms embargo during the Iran - Iraq war 

One Of the other US collisions on Iran, was the arms embargo. In 1983 while Iran was defending its borders against Iraq's invasion, US initiated an operation known as the "Block Operation" aiming to reduce Iran's military power. This was US diplomatic plan to prevent Iran from receiving military equipment. And Richard Murphy, the US assistant prime minister was responsible for it. 
Shultz, US former foreign minister believes that:" to bring Iran on its knees, we have to put pressure on its shortcoming, which means the war with Iraq. The endeavors could be done indirectly, like boycotting Iran's oil export, or directly, like the arms embargo against Iran. 
But things didn't go the way they expected. Iran overcame the issue and during the war reached out to self-sufficiency in many fields. Iran's victories despite the arms embargo, was another stroke to US political prestige.

Translated by: Roya Jalali