Forty years of us failures in Iran _ part 3
IRDC.IR: Many political analysts and experts believe that islamic revolution resulted in US power failure in international politics. This document is an overview of US failures in Iran.

US failure and discredit through supporting terrorist groupuscules 

Forqan, was one of the terrorist groupuscules that in early months of the revolution had assassinated government chiefs. Americans were afraid of their identity behind revealed. American spies repeatedly mentioned in their reports that after the assassinations, people were suspecting United States more and more. US failed again when finally everyone found out who the terrorists really were. 
People's Mujahedin of Iran, or Mojahedin-e-Khalq known also as the "hypocrites" were also supported by US, as Masoud Rajavi confesses, the white house knew all about the assassinations performed by them. 
In an operation called "Foroogh-e-Javidan" or as we call it today " Mersaad", Mujahedin's main supporter in invading Iran was the US. Almost a month before initiating the operation by Mujahedin, in June 27,1988, a congressman attended a rally for "A Proud Victory in Mehran" and said: " You shouldn't give up trying, soon you'll march from Mehran to Tehran, with more efforts and patience." 
But Mujahedin bore a huge failure in Mersaad. Considering US role in motivating the hypocrites, this was also a stroke to US prestige.

US collusions failure in 2009

Right after releasing the 10th presidential election results and the commissions starting with the code name "vote rigging" US chiefs once more decided to go with the "overthrowing" option. Obama said: " I can't stay silent about what's going on in Iran." US also provided the rioters with especial services. 
As the flames of the tumult and disorder spread after the election, Commondreams website published a report by former US politician Paul Craig Robers, that revealed US role in planning the riots.
But despite US efforts to overthrow the government, millions of people attended a rally in January 2010 and blemished US for one more time, chanting anti-US slogans to make sure this settles in US chiefs' minds.

Failure in US sanction program against Iran 

One of the main plans of the US government to bring Islamic republic of Iran on its knees, was to impose sanctions on it. But this was a dead end! 
By the time of Obama's presidency, when they turned to sanctions to fight Iran's nuclear programmes,24 American economic experts, wrote a letter to Obama, telling him that the sanctions can't stop Iran's nuclear programme. Foreign Policy magazine also implies to inefficiency of the sanctions and say:" sanctions were meant to bring Iran on its knees and to make it back off from its nuclear programme, but it's failed. 
Besides, following substantial increase in sanctions in 2018, Atlantic Council Think Tank published an analysis claiming that pursuing the sanctions will lead to nowhere and US isn't being supported internationally like it was back in 2013. 

This is how the history proves that in forty years all US plans and collisions against Iran has been failed and ended up in nothing but humiliation and discredit for US.

Translated by: Roya Jalali