What are the results of the martyrdom of General Qasem Soleimani?

Irdc: Ruhollah Hosseinian, Islamic revolution document centre chief, narrated a memory of meeting Haj Qasem Soleimani for the first time, his bravery in Mersad operation and he also spoke of his martyrdom. Hosseinian stated that Haj Qasem was the symbol of Imam Khomeini's aspirations and said: "Imam Khomeini had an aspiration in the last days of his divine life, and that was establishing "the global organization for Mobilization of the Oppressed".

Anyway it didn't came true until Haj Qasem revived it.

Hosseinian, who has known Haj Qasem since 1985, expresses his characteristics: "one of his characteristics was modesty and also great bravery. He was so intimate, kind and friendly with the army. He slept beside them and they ate all together. The entire army loved him so much".

Islamic revolution document centre chief narrates the inflamed says of the holy defense and Mersad operation and mentions Haj Qasem's bravery: "On my last travel to the south, coinciding Mersad operation, Haj Qasem was absent for a couple of days. After a while he came back and refreshed the army with his presence. I asked him: "Where have you been"? He answered: "Islam Abad". I asked: "Islam Abad which is occupied by Mujahedin" ? He said: "Yes, we needed intelligence so we went to Islam Abad". Then he told me about the dead people he had seen, murdered only because they had supported the Islamic republic. And he also told that Mujahedin had attached a hospital, killing the injured people.

Hosseinian believes that Haj Qasem's martyrdom will be the pillar of the Resistance, just like he was during his precious life. He states: "This martyrdom will create global unity to take down the global arrogance. And you'll see, in the future a a lot of military operations will be done in his name all over the world".

Translated by: Roya Jalali