Ruhollah Hosseinian:
"There's no case of execution without trial in Islamic republic"

IRDC.IR: Mr Ruhollah Hosseinian, Islamic revolution document centre chief tells us about the executions in early years of the revolution: "The enemies always have spread rumors aiming to harm the Islam republic, rumors with no proof."

He insisted that there's no case of execution without trial and continued: "Even someone like Naji, who was the first military governor and had committed a lot of crimes and murders, was first in a trial and then executed.

Islamic revolution document centre chief noted: "There were cases that after the trial, the verdict was not execution."

Hosseinian also told us about the trial and the execution of Mujahedin in the 60's: "In their cases, no one was executed if their crime wasn't murder. Even Imam made an announcement and ordered not to execute anyone but murderers."

He says: "Mujahedin are very good liars and experts in soft war. They sent a list to UN in 1988, claiming they were executed by Islamic republic, but it's notable that many people on that list are still alive, living their lives in Tehran.

He mentioned the documents published in "the origin of assassination" book, which is about the numbers of terrorism in Mujahedin organization and added: "This book has recorded the terrorist attacks that the organization officially has taken the responsibility of. If we take a look at the records, we can see that the number of executions in 60's were far less than them. If the Islamic republic wanted to perform an execution for every terrorist attack they had done, the number of executions would've been reached to more that 17000.

Hosseinian said: "The final verdict was not execution for every member of the organization. They've been absolved in several cases.

In the end, he compared Mujahedin to ISIS: "Look how is the enemy representing itself as an angel, and how it's representing the Islamic republic. If we review the the operation of flaying, and burying 3 revolutionary guards alive, it'll be clear that Mujahedin are way horrifying than ISIS, but because they're being protected by the West, they are fully supported, both financially and by the media, and even they are gotten off the list of the terrorists.

Translated by: Roya Jalali