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Sigrid Fath, states in his book "Anti Americanism in the Muslim world" that one of the characteristics of the world of politics in recent years, has been the increasing Anti American feelings among many countries, especially Iran, which has a historical background. Therefore, some professors and researchers of political science and international relations has studied the causes and the roots of it.
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the circulation of the news of Imam Khomeini (RA)’s xe "a:Imam Khomeini"return to Iran created a wave of excitement and happiness among the whole Iranian nation.
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Many clerics issued statements and invited Imam Khomeini (RA) to return to Iran. Even Sharif Emami’s government had expressed its willingness towards the return of the leadership of the revolution to the country. Following his being appointed as prime minister, Bakhtiar, too, invited Imam Khomeini (RA) to return to Iran. Replying to these invitations, Imam Khomeini (RA) pointed out: "I will return to Iran whenever I see as appropriate. My return to Iran is not dependent on being invited by anyone. I will return, whether I am invited or not.”
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The clergy from all over the country had arrived at Tehran, to welcome Imam Khomeini. They held a meeting at Refah school, on 27 January 1979, and they decided to hold a sit-in in University of Tehran, and protest against preventing Imam from entering the country.
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There's no doubt that welcoming Imam Khomeini on February 1st,1979, was the world's greatest welcoming. Although people had attended in the welcoming ceremony of other clergymen too, but Imam Khomeini's arrival was so important that people had been planning everything for long time.
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When US recognized that it was no more able to protect the Shah, he was ordered to leave the country without hesitation, because US believed that the adversaries were going to calm down with him being gone, and that meant as a second chance for the US puppet regime.
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The unrest and the protests of 1979, led US to the conclusion that the only way to overcome the crisis, was for Shah to leave the country.
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The Paper Tiger
With Shah's escape on 16 January 1979, the crisis increased to the top. Shah and his associates knew that there was no coming back. And US totally knew that Pahlavi regime was done. But the military situation was interesting. The dependent military with no authority, always taking orders from foreign advisors, was feeling a huge vacancy.
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The provisional government and the prime minister Mahdi Bazargan showed interest in having relationships with US after they came to power. Americans were also willing to do so, and despite the whole country were chanting "Down with USA", they started a secret relationship from the very beginning.
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Coincident with the announcement of Imam Khomeini's upcoming return to Iran, and formation of a welcoming committee, people of every stratum of society, supported it and helped the members, turning it into a public committee, although they were not official members of it. When it was confirmed that Imam was returning to Iran, people from all over the country headed to Tehran, but the settlement of the passionate crowd was one of the most important problems the committee was facing. After the recruitment, with the protection committee starting their job, the trainings were immediately started. Almost 75000 people were organized and some were also trained.
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Masoud Khodabandeh, wrote؛ About the executions in 1988, Masoud Rajavi first claimed that there were 6400 cases, but eventually he changed the record and in the next level he claimed that they were 12000 people. And then he raised the number of the executions by Islamic republic to 20_30 thousands of the members of the organization. He even published a book to record this number.
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Robert Huyser, a US 4-star General states about the day Shah escaped: "We heard some helicopters above us, so we knew Shah had left Niavaran palace for Mehrabad airport and their path was right above The Joint Chiefs of Staff. We went on the balcony instantly. Yes. It was Shah and his escorts. 6 helicopters, all heading to Mehrabad.
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January 4-7 1979, with the victory of Islamic revolution approaching, the leaders of 4 western countries including France, US, England and Germany gathered in an island called Guadelope to discuss their policies about some important crisis, including Islamic revolution of Iran. They were willing to prevent the fall of Pahlavi dynasty, but Iranian nation's will overcame them. However, history has recorded evidence showing US and Europe's alliance against Iranian nation.
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Irdc: Following the offensive article published by Etelaat newspaper January 7 1979, with the title "Iran and Red and Black Colonization", protests started all over the country and the leading point was the January 9 1979 uprising in Qom.
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Ruhollah Hosseinian:
Mr Ruhollah Hosseinian, Islamic revolution document centre chief tells us about the executions in early years of the revolution: "The enemies always have spread rumors aiming to harm the Islam republic, rumors with no proof."
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As the leader of the Islamic movement of the Iranian nation, Imam Khomeini (RA) had a strategy. Many leaders lack any strategy in their campaigns. As a result, their decisions become tiresome gradually. It creates ambiguity and undermines the people’s confidence. After the 15th of Khordad Uprising, Imam Khomeini (RA) defined the strategy of his movement as toppling the Shah’s regime and establishing the Islamic state. He formulated his stance and his campaign approaches based on this strategy, too. Imam Khomeini (RA) believed that the leadership of the movement should have a strategy. He argued that the leadership of the movement should adopt mottos and missions that are totally reflecting popular demands.
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Hosseinian, who has known Haj Qasem since 1985, expresses his characteristics: "one of his characteristics was modesty and also great bravery. He was so intimate, kind and friendly with the army. He slept beside them and they ate all together. The entire army loved him so much".
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During Saddam's imposed war on Iran from 1980 to 1988, the Western governments provided the Iraqi regime with chemical weapons and sophisticated military equipment as well as strategic supports.
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