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The Shia school of thought has enjoyed many great books in its literary cannon, books that sometimes have been viewed by many as great works in world literature. They range from the Quran, with its heavenly source, to history, philosophical, and even medical textbooks, a view of which would be worth the time.
News ID: 53    Publish Date : 2015/11/17

In the Iran of today, some groups considering themselves modern and enlightened claim that the approbatory supervision of the Guardian Council over the Majlis legislation is irrational and non-democratic. They call for shrinking the influence of the Guardian Council. But, by observing the observatory systems of other countries, many instances of such supervision can be discerned.
News ID: 51    Publish Date : 2015/10/21

The formation of the national front on the first day of Aban in the Iranian calendar year 1328 has a direct link to the issues of oil and the sham elections of the Majlis. The front which had introduced its tenets as to solve the issues of oil and reform the electoral patter had entered Iran’s political arena with democratic slogans and used to stress the constitution and democratic basics. But on many occasions it violated democratic basics and in a way disregarded democracy.
News ID: 48    Publish Date : 2015/10/26

Special case study on Iran’s missile uprising – part 1
The Iraqi Ba’ath party’s missile attack on Iranian cities during the Iran-Iraq war provided the first idea to launch a missile unit during the war. That initial idea has been expanding ever after until today. Therefore, the Islamic Revolution Document Center has created a special case study to analyze the conditions of the Islamic Republic’s first missile step.
News ID: 47    Publish Date : 2015/10/27

While Western countries keep saying that Iran is keeping active military presence in Syria, Tehran has on numerous occasions denied the accusations and said that the country only provides President Bashar Assad with military consultation.
News ID: 46    Publish Date : 2015/10/27

If we consider the Egyptian Anwar Sadat as the founder of compromise with the Zionist regime of Israel, we should consider Saudi Arabia and its Fahad bin Abdulaziz plan as the follower of the cause and on of the major agents behind the prevalent situations afflicting the people of the occupied Palestinian land. In the meantime, the historic reaction of late leader Imam Khomeini not only laid waste the scheme and the treason, it turned also into a powerful point in the Palestinian fight and the axis of resistance.
News ID: 45    Publish Date : 2015/10/30

Imam Khomeini's death is one of the bitter days for the Iranian people. The images recorded on this day clearly show grief in the face of the people.
News ID: 44    Publish Date : 2016/07/05

Iran has on many occasions condemned the current makeup of the United Nations Security Council and called for major reforms there. This comes from the fact that their expectations from the council to stand by them as a defender of their rights have been hampered on many occasions.
News ID: 43    Publish Date : 2015/10/31

The Down with USA motto is in fact a warning call and standup call for Islamic nations against the schemes of the United States. Accordingly, the living on of this motto is owing to the Iranian nation’s morale to fight injustice and disgrace the US in front of countries oppressed by world arrogance which is still rampant 37 years after the Islamic Revolution.
News ID: 42    Publish Date : 2015/11/02

While Iran and the group 5+1 (the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany) have settled between themselves to take steps in the implementation of the JCPOA, there is the worry on either side, Iran in particular, that the other side of the deal is not following up simultaneously.
News ID: 40    Publish Date : 2015/11/03

Following the seizure of the United States embassy in Tehran, Washington resorted to international organizations and adopted a series of actions which were aimed at driving the Islamic Republic to seclusion.
News ID: 36    Publish Date : 2015/11/08

Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu has travelled to the states to meet President Barack Obama. It was the first meeting between the two leaders after the group 5+1 (the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany) and Iran signed a nuclear deal. The issue has found vast coverage in world media.
News ID: 33    Publish Date : 2015/11/10

Saudi Arabia’s hostility toward the Islamic Republic of Iran reached its peak during the Mina Hajj stampede tragedy. Saudi officials instead of being responsible for their management catastrophe continued to follow their hostile policies. This is while Saudi Arabia’s hostility toward Iran is deep-rooted and dates back many years.
News ID: 32    Publish Date : 2015/11/11

Islamic Revolution Documents Center - In his memoirs, Jimmy Carter confesses that the movement of the Student Followers of the Line of Imam triggered the movement of Muslims.
News ID: 28    Publish Date : 2016/11/01

Islamic Revolution Document Center -- During its lifetime, Iran’s Savak worked in close cooperation with the CIA and Mossad. After the 1953 coup, the US entered Iran’s political stage fully. After they brought on the dictatorship in Iran, the US decided to keep the country as their foot hold in the region. The US was trying to secure its place in Iran and the region by infiltrating Iran’s intelligence and security organizations.
News ID: 26    Publish Date : 2016/11/11

Islamic Revolution Documents Center -- Jimmy Carter who had adopted human rights as one of his key electoral points to criticize the Pahlavi regime, stood fast as he could behind Mohammad Reza after he took the White House. He dubbed Iran island of peace to follow the policy of former American presidents on Iran. He empowered Mohammad Reza against his opponents, making it clear that human rights is just a tool in the US.
News ID: 25    Publish Date : 2016/11/09

Although the House of Saud live in Saudi Arabia in the holiest places of Muslims, where annually tens of millions of Muslims from all walks of life and from all races visit to pray at the House of God, they have been acting as a hurdle against Islamic awakening.
News ID: 23    Publish Date : 2016/11/12

The military cooperation between the Pahlavi regime and the United States can go down history as a big treason, one that had targeted world peace and security. The weapons that Mohammad Reza Pahlavi used to buy were granted by giving the petrodollars of the Iranian nation to the US. They would finally turn into a fireball and descend upon the Iranian people, killing them in the streets.
News ID: 21    Publish Date : 2016/11/13

General Robert E. Huyser in his memoires has written: I went covertly to Tehran to investigate the matter how a coup is possible and whether it is expedient. After much investigation, order came from Washington to form a powerful government led by Shapour Bakhtyar. If that failed, a military coup would be conducted.
News ID: 19    Publish Date : 2016/11/14

The diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran since the very first days after the revolution has had a characteristic power to influence the world opinion. Since the revolution was founded on a new thought, it laid its influence on the world public mind. Therefore, the issue of public diplomacy is related to the Islamic revolution phenomenon and Imam Khomeini is the real teacher of it. Of course in different eras the way this characteristic has been tapped and the way the world’s public mind has been influenced varies.
News ID: 16    Publish Date : 2016/11/23