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The 22 February 1921 British coup, transfered the power to an officer called Reza Khan Mirpanj. This was an opening to Iran's new era and put the constitutional parliament in the hands of military forces, and until August 1941, when Iran was occupied by the Allies and Reza Shah was exiled to Mouris Islands, there were no arguments and discussions in the parliament, and the members only obeyed what they were told.
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The relationship between First Pahlavi and the Foreign Advisors
Reza Khan, the minister of War, had financial problems in his way to create a powerful modern army, so he accepted the offer of Ghavam administration to leave the financial issues to a board of advisors from United States. Their reformations laid the plots for him to gain more power and establish the Pahlavi Kingdom.
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During a very short period, Reza Khan undermined the Iranian people’s religious values and endeavored to substitute them with western ones. He isolated Shiite clergies and diminished their influence for several years.
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On January 8 1936, Reza Khan Pahlavi banned hijab for Iranian women. The following Op-Ed article, published by, attempts to look at this issue from a colonial point of view.
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