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From the second half of 1978, the need for cohesive groups and organizations to lead and organize the revolution and the formation of the Islamic system was felt more than ever. For this reason, Martyr Morteza Motahari, Martyr Haj Mehdi Iraqi and Jalaluddin Farsi informed Imam Khomeini's views on the need for coalition and unity to Muslim militant groups inside the country. In the meantime, seven militant groups, which later worked together in a committee to welcome Imam Khomeini came together to form an organization to defend the fledgling Islamic Republic.
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After the release of political prisoners on the eve of the victory of the revolution, and the subsequent release of Massoud Rajavi (a central member of the Mojahedin-e- Khalq Organization) in January of that year, members of the organization began to define their alignments with other groups. Rajavi's main tactic for preserving the life of the organization was to follow the method of the past and the founders of the organization and use their reputation.
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