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US failure in Tabas on 24 April 1980, was a big shock to US political prestige, they were not only humiliated Internationally but also faced "national abjection crisis".
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MEK terrorist group killed more than 17,000 Iranians during their terrorist activities inside Iran and in their war effort against Iran alongside Saddam. This makes Iran, one of the major victims of terrorism in the world.
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After fall of the US embassy in Tehran by Muslim Student Followers of the Imam’s line, documents were found about US supporting Forqan groupuscule.
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Cyrus Vance, US foreign minister during the formation and victory of Islamic revolution, mentions the reasons of the fall of Pahlavi dynasty in his diaries: "In my opinion, the fall of Shah was the cross section of conflict between the western modernization and social, economic and religous structures.
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Rouhollah Husseinian
In 1962, remaining tiny bonds of propinquity and relationship between the regime and the clerical institution was unwoven. From one hand, the Shah was determined to suppress the clerics. It was quite clear in his speeches. On the other hand, the leadership of the movement was trying to prepare the students of seminary schools to stand against the regime. In 1962, it was crystal clear that the regime is determined to carry out its decisions. Before 1962, clerics played a passive role in political developments and adopted their stance after the regime’s initiatives. After 1962, however, the leadership of the movement decided to adopt a rather active role in the country’s political developments through its own initiatives in the campaign against the regime.
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the discourse of Imam Khomeini's is identified based on "repelling the threats to Islam, the Muslim world and the Islamic system". In this attitude we face interweaved national and international levels. Imperialism is the enemy, The other one, or the outsider in Imam Khomeini's discourse.
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That government was, firstly, corrupt: financially corrupt; ethically corrupt; and corrupt in administrative affairs. In the financial corruption, it suffices to remind that the Shah himself and his family were involved in most of the major economic transactions of the country.
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The Pahlavi regime was spreading propaganda against the clergy in this country for 50 years. Of course, it was not just the Pahlavi regime. But they did the worst, the most abhorrent. If you study the history of the recent century or so, you will understand that the war on the clergy started during the rule of the Qajar, especially with the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah.
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Islamic revolution, occured in the most important base of United States in the region, and disarranged the powers there with the motto "neither east, nor west, but the Islamic republic".
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Sigrid Fath, states in his book "Anti Americanism in the Muslim world" that one of the characteristics of the world of politics in recent years, has been the increasing Anti American feelings among many countries, especially Iran, which has a historical background. Therefore, some professors and researchers of political science and international relations has studied the causes and the roots of it.
News ID: 117    Publish Date : 2020/02/26

Imam Khomeini announced his decision to return Iran on very first days of January 1979. Finally, February 1 was chosen for him to come back. But there's interesting untold stories about the last days Imam spent in France.
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UK embassy has a long history in acting against Iranian nation, and 2009 protests were good examples to prove that. Before the election, Britain sent its new ambassador, Simon Gass, to Tehran to play leading role in the election.
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The provisional government and the prime minister Mahdi Bazargan showed interest in having relationships with US after they came to power. Americans were also willing to do so, and despite the whole country were chanting "Down with USA", they started a secret relationship from the very beginning.
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Many clerics issued statements and invited Imam Khomeini (RA) to return to Iran. Even Sharif Emami’s government had expressed its willingness towards the return of the leadership of the revolution to the country. Following his being appointed as prime minister, Bakhtiar, too, invited Imam Khomeini (RA) to return to Iran. Replying to these invitations, Imam Khomeini (RA) pointed out: "I will return to Iran whenever I see as appropriate. My return to Iran is not dependent on being invited by anyone. I will return, whether I am invited or not.”
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the circulation of the news of Imam Khomeini (RA)’s xe "a:Imam Khomeini"return to Iran created a wave of excitement and happiness among the whole Iranian nation.
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There's no doubt that welcoming Imam Khomeini on February 1st,1979, was the world's greatest welcoming. Although people had attended in the welcoming ceremony of other clergymen too, but Imam Khomeini's arrival was so important that people had been planning everything for long time.
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The clergy from all over the country had arrived at Tehran, to welcome Imam Khomeini. They held a meeting at Refah school, on 27 January 1979, and they decided to hold a sit-in in University of Tehran, and protest against preventing Imam from entering the country.
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Coincident with the announcement of Imam Khomeini's upcoming return to Iran, and formation of a welcoming committee, people of every stratum of society, supported it and helped the members, turning it into a public committee, although they were not official members of it. When it was confirmed that Imam was returning to Iran, people from all over the country headed to Tehran, but the settlement of the passionate crowd was one of the most important problems the committee was facing. After the recruitment, with the protection committee starting their job, the trainings were immediately started. Almost 75000 people were organized and some were also trained.
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