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While Western countries keep saying that Iran is keeping active military presence in Syria, Tehran has on numerous occasions denied the accusations and said that the country only provides President Bashar Assad with military consultation.
News ID: 46    Publish Date : 2015/10/27

Iran has on many occasions condemned the current makeup of the United Nations Security Council and called for major reforms there. This comes from the fact that their expectations from the council to stand by them as a defender of their rights have been hampered on many occasions.
News ID: 43    Publish Date : 2015/10/31

During the second majlis elections, some 1586 people announced ready to run for seats in the parliament. Out of that number, 1275 people were elected as qualifying by the Guardian Council. But one of the candidates set up an uprising after he was disqualified. Then interior minister hojjatoleslam Nateq Nouri ordered his arrest.
News ID: 41    Publish Date : 2015/11/23

While Iran and the group 5+1 (the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany) have settled between themselves to take steps in the implementation of the JCPOA, there is the worry on either side, Iran in particular, that the other side of the deal is not following up simultaneously.
News ID: 40    Publish Date : 2015/11/03

Iran’s missile uprising/ part III
As the commanders of war and leaders of the newly sprung Islamic republic decided, 13 men from the IRGC artillery set off for Syria not only to undergo training for launching Scud B missiles, but to establish the IRGC’s missile unit.
News ID: 39    Publish Date : 2015/11/25

This is undoubtedly a very special case for the United States to start to build bridges, cautiously and painstakingly, to groups of Shia Muslims in Iran that are likely to play major roles in the country in coming decades.
News ID: 37    Publish Date : 2015/11/28

Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu has travelled to the states to meet President Barack Obama. It was the first meeting between the two leaders after the group 5+1 (the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany) and Iran signed a nuclear deal. The issue has found vast coverage in world media.
News ID: 33    Publish Date : 2015/11/10

Saudi Arabia’s hostility toward the Islamic Republic of Iran reached its peak during the Mina Hajj stampede tragedy. Saudi officials instead of being responsible for their management catastrophe continued to follow their hostile policies. This is while Saudi Arabia’s hostility toward Iran is deep-rooted and dates back many years.
News ID: 32    Publish Date : 2015/11/11

The missile uprising – part four
Ballistic missiles are launched from static and moving launchers and exit the earth’s atmosphere both at the right angle or other lesser angles. After the missile is out of the atmosphere, it becomes parallel to the ground surface and starts to move forward. As soon as it reaches above the target, it uses the earth gravity and hits the target with mind bugling speed.
News ID: 30    Publish Date : 2015/12/01

Islamic Revolution Documents Center – US crimes in Iran during many years provided good justification for the seizure of its embassy. Nonetheless, White House officials used to strongly back Mohammad Reza Pahlavi toward the end of his rule. After the revolution also, they gave him refuge, refusing to extradite him to Iran to be tried before the Revolution court, which further outraged Iranian people. Also, the US embassy in Tehran had turned into a spy den for the CIA, where intelligence forces sued to spy in the uniform of diplomats. This was later proven by documents obtained at the embassy. These provided grounds for the Student Followers of the Line of Imam to seize the embassy.
News ID: 29    Publish Date : 2016/10/30

Islamic Revolution Documents Center - In his memoirs, Jimmy Carter confesses that the movement of the Student Followers of the Line of Imam triggered the movement of Muslims.
News ID: 28    Publish Date : 2016/11/01

The arbaeen march, or pilgrimage, was being held throughout different eras in the Islamic history of the shia sect. it was especially held during the time of sheik Morteza Ansari very bombastically and gloriously. But after him, the rite was forgotten and even many would consider it a rite belonging to the poor. But Mohaddes Nouri, who was a prominent shia figure, in the fourteenth hejri senture revived it and stressed its significance.
News ID: 27    Publish Date : 2015/12/02

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on December 2 issued its long- awaited report on Iran’s nuclear program that was to provide basis for the implementation of the joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA).
News ID: 22    Publish Date : 2015/12/05

The military cooperation between the Pahlavi regime and the United States can go down history as a big treason, one that had targeted world peace and security. The weapons that Mohammad Reza Pahlavi used to buy were granted by giving the petrodollars of the Iranian nation to the US. They would finally turn into a fireball and descend upon the Iranian people, killing them in the streets.
News ID: 21    Publish Date : 2016/11/13

Revolutions are extraordinary events that influence the lives of people for years. They are like hurricanes that move and scramble everything and create new structures based on the ideals of the revolution. Revolutions, uprisings, and movements through history have had doctrinal bases. Among all, the Karbala uprising is the most unique arena for self sacrifice for the cause of religion, freedom, and reform, which has been inspirational to many later movements.
News ID: 20    Publish Date : 2015/12/06

General Robert E. Huyser in his memoires has written: I went covertly to Tehran to investigate the matter how a coup is possible and whether it is expedient. After much investigation, order came from Washington to form a powerful government led by Shapour Bakhtyar. If that failed, a military coup would be conducted.
News ID: 19    Publish Date : 2016/11/14

The United States imperialism has been part and parcel of this country from the access of Europeans to the land of Indians to the age of slavery and up to the independence and the current time. The policy has repeated itself fully in relation to Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Cuba, and the Philippines and has gained momentum today in relation to ongoing affairs of the Middle East.
News ID: 17    Publish Date : 2015/12/07

The diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran since the very first days after the revolution has had a characteristic power to influence the world opinion. Since the revolution was founded on a new thought, it laid its influence on the world public mind. Therefore, the issue of public diplomacy is related to the Islamic revolution phenomenon and Imam Khomeini is the real teacher of it. Of course in different eras the way this characteristic has been tapped and the way the world’s public mind has been influenced varies.
News ID: 16    Publish Date : 2016/11/23

Islamic Revolution Documents Center -- An American lawyer and university professor, Francis Anthony Boyle says the Iranian student’s seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979 was in accordance with Article 51 of the UN charter, which says in case of armed assault on a UN member, as long as the Security Council is doing necessary steps to ensure international peace and security, it will not violate any of the regulations of the chart on self defense, be it individual or group.
News ID: 15    Publish Date : 2016/10/26

Islamic Revolution Documents Center – The seizure of the US embassy took place within the collective memory of a nation. In fact US activities against Iran, from what it did during the 1953 coup to supporting the Pahlavi regime on other occasions, as well as CIA agents presence in the embassy as diplomats or embassy employees, attempts to derail the Islamic Revolution, as well as the US hand in helping former Pahlavi officials flee Iran, had all contributed to the growth of the collective memory.
News ID: 12    Publish Date : 2016/10/30