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On February 27, 1971, SAVAK announced in a confidential report, "Achieving a position in the Ministry of Education during the reign of Ms. Farrokh Ro Parsa has been monetized; and everyone can reach different positions by paying certain rates."
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On 14 July 1978, Herald Tribune claimed that CIA has kept its relations with SAVAK despite their reputation for torturing politics in prison. New York Times said that there were 250 Iranian agents in United States learning the tactics of quashing protests and torturing prisoners.
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Islamic Revolution Document Center -- During its lifetime, Iran’s Savak worked in close cooperation with the CIA and Mossad. After the 1953 coup, the US entered Iran’s political stage fully. After they brought on the dictatorship in Iran, the US decided to keep the country as their foot hold in the region. The US was trying to secure its place in Iran and the region by infiltrating Iran’s intelligence and security organizations.
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