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Islamic revolution, occured in the most important base of United States in the region, and disarranged the powers there with the motto "neither east, nor west, but the Islamic republic".
Publish Date : 12:17 - 2020 March 09

IRDC.IR: Islamic revolution, occured in the most important base of United States in the region, and disarranged the powers there with the motto "neither east, nor west, but the Islamic republic". The emersion of a new power based on Islamic ideology and independent of the world's overruling ideologies, causing a trouble in protecting its interests in the region, and the fall of Pahlavi dynasty, which was one of the pillars of US strategy, and the most serious damage to US after failure in Vietnam, led this country to stage military, cultural and political coups and forming ethnic movements, supporting the invader in Iran-Iraq war, putting economic pressure on Iran, issuing military sanctions and etc to take his place back in Iran, but Iranian nation's resistance, presented the vulnerability of the US in the takeover of the embassy and by naming November 4 as "National day of Anti Americanism" by Iran's parliament, and finally they failed US politicians. Therefore, one of the reflections of Islamic revolution in international relations, is spreading the culture of resistance, confronting the imperialist world.

Global issues and pressures show that Anti Imperialist movements are growing and strengthening. Many factors are involved in the formation of these processes. Islamic revolution of Iran has been one of the most effective factors in amplification of the culture of resistance, in the fields of beliefs, values, symbols and structures. After the victory of Islamic revolution, oppositions to the policies and behaviors of Imperialism has been developed. The signs of this development could be seen in the similarity of the courses of Islamic revolution and the culture of resistance, such as dedication, seeking martyrdom, self-esteem, merging religion with politics, Anti Imperialism, seeking justice, opposing oppression and Islamic revolution, as a new phenomenon, has various social, political, economical and cultural courses, such as culture self-esteem, culture of Ashoora, sacrifice and seeking martyrdom, seeking freedom and efforts to respect the religious laws are the causes of victory and persistence of the Islamic revolution, and they have consequences among deprived nations. Political courses, such as proving the connection between religion and politics, formation of a religious democrat system and confronting the global cruelty and Anti Imperialism, not only caused the evolution of Iranian nation, but also had a great influence on the culture of deprived nations.

The culture of resistance has some factors which could be viewed in four fields: Beliefs, Values, Symbols and Structures.

The field of beliefs, is about the evolution in the beliefs of deprived nations, in order to confront and resist the global Imperialist system. This evolution can be seen in the awakening of oppressed nations to achieve their rights. They are inspired by the Islamic revolution and has come to the belief that it's possible that to confront Imperialist systems. So the culture of resistance has been formed and strengthened in the Islamic movements of Muslim world.

In the field of values, some factors like seeking freedom, independence and martyrdom, which weren't the priorities before or their vital values were not known, became so important after the courses of Islamic revolution had been spread.

All things considered, the influence of Islamic revolution on the culture of resistance can be explained in four fields:

1. The field of beliefs: The Islamic revolution of Iran has made the deprived people believe that it's possible to confront Imperialism.

2. In the field of values: seeking independence and freedom from Imperialist powers became a vital value for deprived nations.

3. The field of structures: oppositions and protests against global Imperialism and the world's discriminatory order were amplified.

4. The field of symbols: the oppositions were affected by the symbols like: "US as the Great Satan"

Translated by: Roya Jalali

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