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After fall of the US embassy in Tehran by Muslim Student Followers of the Imam’s line, documents were found about US supporting Forqan groupuscule.
Publish Date : 09:37 - 2020 May 04

IRDC.IR: After fall of the US embassy in Tehran by Muslim Student Followers of the Imam’s line, documents were found about US supporting Forqan groupuscule. In one of those documents, a strong relationship between "an old student” and the embassy and "promises about weekly assassinations” to US embassy are mentioned: "an old friend of political office, who was an old student of theologue and responsible for the center of ideological discussions for his students, presented a resume about Forqan. Eleven of his students are the member of Forqan in Tehran. The whole group is made of 40-50 people, including the left wing and the right wing, although most of them are unstable. Except the radicals, mostly they believe in Islamic rules and they think that terror is the way to get rid of the clergymen with opinion unlike theirs. One of them was proud to announce that they were going to begin with assassinating one clergy a week, and they won’t stop unless they succeed. But the problem is that they have not agreed on the limitation of success. Our source claimed that the members he was in touch with, has focused on domestic targets”.

In May 3 1979, a day after terror of Shahid Motahhari, and announcing Forqan as the terrorist, embassy reports rising suspicion about United States. Stample notes: "The suspicions about United States of America seem to be rising. The consequence of deep public alert, specially if the identity of Forqan is revealed and the murderes are monarchist, is causing new suspicions about US. For instance, our religous sources has been hard to be found for the last 36 hours. The leftists and radical muslims, consider this casualty as a proof of [Imam] Khomeini’s opinion about US interference in Iran’s affairs. If this point of view gets more reflection (it doesn’t now), our board will have security issues”.

After some days, in 28 May 1979, the Islamic revolution of Iran’s court of justice, found some evidence about the relationship between Forqan groupuscule and Richard Holmes, former director of CIA, which served as US embsssodor in Iran later.

On the basis of the contents of Jomhuri newspaper in 21 February 1980, students had found the name of "Pirouz Sharifi” in the documents. He was the chairman of Isiran company. The paper noted: "The Americans had asked him to form a group to overthrow the government. Sharifi intended to leave Iran for Paris and meet some radical groups. A gouple of days later, political advisor Tomsett met Sharifi and he asked for US help”.

Jomhuri newspaper continues: "Tomsett was one of the greatest spies in Iran. He was the colleague of Lingen and directly Associated with Forqan groupuscule. Due to the documents, he was involved in the collusions and assassinations of the so called group.

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