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Observing the documents of US support for Operation Forugh Javidan, gets us to believe this country was the main supporter of it.
Publish Date : 08:15 - 2020 July 20 Observing the documents of US support for Operation Forugh Javidan, gets us to believe this country was the main supporter of it.

In final years of the war, French Paper Le Monde reported: "US government is in contact with Mujahedin Khalq Organization, Richard Moorny has confirmed it. BBC confirmed the contact based on Ministry of Foreign Affairs data. Charles Redman, the spokesman of US Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the goal of the meetings was to be informed of the situation in Iran".

20 June, 138 congressmen and 14 senators wrote a letter to George Shultz, then minister of Foreign Affairs, and asked him to" attention to the growing domestic resistance movements in Iran... Using Mujahedin Organization, with their headquarters in Iraq, is highly recommended... United States must take the most advantage from Mujahedin Organization, which is now settled in Iraq, to overthrow the government in Tehran".

Senator Mervyn Dymally, so prejudice about overthrowing Islamic Republic, attended the demonstration in Washington with the members of Mujahedin, after Operation Mehran, on 27 June 1988. He told the demonstrators: "You mustn't give up. Be assured that with a little bit patience and hard work, we will march from Mehran to Tehran". The video tape of his speech was played for the members in Ashraf camp, and doubled the joy of their victory in Operation Chelcheraq.

Behind the scenes, United States had an important part in the operation. With a review on the comments of then Iraq military officers, we can clearly see the key triangle of invading Iran: United States, Iraq and Mujahedin. One of them said: "We had found out that something was going to happen. Mujahedin had come with military maps and intelligence devices: Iran was going to face a full scale attack after being totally observed by intelligence groups. US government was totally satisfied with what we were going to do. Lots of Calls were made with US government. They believed that a big attack was crucial at that time, to worth the days gone in the war".

One of the chief members of Mujahedin confessed after he was arrested during Operation Mersad: "Some days before invading Karand and Islam Abad, of of the senior members of the organization went to Washington after a meeting with Rajavi and two chief officers of Iraq military intelligence office. He attended a confidential meeting in one of US congress committees. 3 days after his return, the Operation was initiated".

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