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A glimpse of history, shows us that France has always been looking for its demands acquisitively in the international relations, and has done any kind of crime to achieve them.
Publish Date : 09:35 - 2021 January 19 A glimpse of history, shows us that France has always been looking for its demands acquisitively in the international relations, and has done any kind of crime to achieve them. Here are some examples:

The Algerian War

On 18 May 1830, France attacked Algeria under the pretext that Algeria had threathened France and asked them pay their 7 million franc debt three years ago.

The French didn't expect such resistance. Amir Abd-ol-Qadir Algerian, fought with the occupiers for years. But due superiority of France in ammunition and military equipment, they took over Algeria by massacre, rape, torture, after oppressing the resistance of Muslim libertarians. Finally, in 1962, after the Algeria War of Independence, with 500000 - 1500000 casualties for Algeria, they declared independence and chose Algiers as the capital. The French's excuse for starting the war, was to punish the ruler, but the result was destruction of Algerian prosperity, and killing, torturing and raping thousands of Algerian people, and decapitation of Muslims by French troopers.

Crimes of France in World War ||

The Andelot Massacre a war disaster in 12 September 1944. The French troopers gathered 500 German captives in a warehouse and shoot them with a tank. Their explosion threw their arms and legs in the air, and the French troopers shot the ones that were still breathing.

In April 1945, Freudenstadt in Southern Germany was attacked by French troopers. The civilians were under fire for 16 hours. 600 building, almost 95% of the city was destroyed and 1400 families lost their homes. They used force and violation in their invasion. The French troopers put gasoil on German soldiers, Set them on fire and watched them burn. Hundreds of German captives were killed in Le Bourget airport near Paris, and lots of them were killed under the wheels of the French tanks.

France contribution to Ba'ath regime in Iran-Iraq war

Military and Intelligence contribution of France started before the war, in 1973, and was raised during the war. France was the second biggest country selling ammo to Iraq. Due to Iraq Defense Ministry document from 2 April 1987, Philippe Rondeau, talks about sending Mirage aircrafts and Roland missiles to Adnan Khair-Allah. He also mentions an argument in the cabinet about providing a limited access to nuclear weapons for Iraq.

Iraqi air force doctrine was more similar to France than Soviet Union. Ba'ath regime used their best pilots on French aircrafts. They signed a contract of selling 133 Mirage F1s to Iraq from 1978-1987. France sold 5 Dassault-Breguet Super Etendards with Exocet missiles, which were used in the Tanker War. They also sold Alouette, Puma and Super Frelon helicopters to Iraq.

Documents published in 1990, revealed that France was a supplier for producing chemical bombs used against Iran. The bombs killed and hurt tens of thousands of Iranians, mostly civilians.

Airstrike and Military and Intelligence Operations of France against Libya

France had an important role in NATO 2011 airstrikes to Libya. Paris has also confirmed building a developed military base in North of Niger, near Libya boundary.

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