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Following the announcement of the existence of the Zionist regime, Ayatollah Kashani called on the people of the world to support the Palestinian people by calling on the people to fight against the occupying regime in Quds. Martyr Navvab Safavi, along with Ayatollah Kashani, delivered shocking speeches calling on the people and officials to fight. Martyr Navvab Safavi, along with Ayatollah Kashani, delivered shocking speeches calling on the people and officials to fight. In a statement, Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi called on Muslims in Iran and other Islamic countries to unite against Zionist Jews. Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Behbahani also strongly opposed to this move in a letter to the Pope, the world's Catholic leader. Different sections of the people also expressed their anger at the existence of the occupying regime by announcing their readiness to be sent to fight.
Publish Date : 10:39 - 2021 May 26 On November 30, 1947 The UN General Assembly votes in Resolution 181 to divide Palestine. On May 14, 1948 ‌ The British rule over Palestine came to an end. On the same day, the Jewish National Council was convened in Tel Aviv and announced the existence of the Zionist regime.5 to 11 minutes later, the US government, led by Harry Truman, recognized Israel as "de facto." Following the Soviet Union; in just five days, they recognized the Zionist regime along with seven other countries, including Guatemala, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Uruguay and Yugoslavia. But on the other hand, there was a huge uprising among Muslims against the existence of this occupying regime.

Ayatollah Kashani's position in the face of the establishment of the Zionist regime
Following the partition of Palestine, Ayatollah Kashani, who had recently returned to Tehran from exile, issued a proclamation to all Muslims around the world on 2 January 1948, protesting that "it is not known whether Palestine is home to German, Russian and American Jewish immigrants; "According to which logic and law do they vote to divide them?" He called the formation of the occupying regime in Jerusalem in the future "the center of great corruption for Muslims in the Middle East and the whole world."

"It is incumbent upon all Muslims to prevent this heinous oppression in any way possible and to show relief to the Palestinian Muslims," he said. Ayatollah Kashani was not satisfied with this statement and called on the people to demonstrate against the Zionist regime. Following this announcement of the invitation, on Sunday, January 11, 1948, more than 30,000 people in Tehran gathered at the current Imam Khomeini Mosque to support the Palestinian people and demonstrate against the Zionist regime. Also, following the announcement of the existence of the occupying regime in Jerusalem, Ayatollah Kashani again on May 20, 1948, called on the Iranian people to demonstrate against the Zionist regime.

In addition, he wrote a letter to the United Nations stating that "millions of Muslims around the world are waiting for the decisions of the organization" to expose the crimes of the Zionist regime and its supporting countries.

Ayatollah Kashani's defense of Palestinian Muslims at that time was widespread outside Iran and among Muslims in various countries.

The reaction of Martyr Navvab Safavi
The Fadaiyan-e-Islam group, led by Navvab Safavi, along with Ayatollah Kashani, called on the people to fight against the existence of the Zionist regime. Martyr Navvab Safavi participated in a large meeting on the issue of Palestine, which was held on January 12, 1948, and delivered a scathing speech. In another meeting that was held on the same occasion on May 21, 1948 in the same mosque, under the influence of Navvab Safavi's fiery speech, about fifty thousand young Muslims volunteered to be sent to Palestine and fight there to repel the Zionist attacks.

Martyr Navvab Safavi in a statement stated that: "the pure blood of the mighty devotees of Islam is boiling in support of the Palestinian Muslim Brothers".

As a result of the actions and speeches of Martyr Navvab Safavi in support of the Palestinian people on the Sunday, May 23, 1948, these passionate young people gathered at the house of Ayatollah Kashani and were impatiently ready to move to Palestine, but the government prevented this action.

Statement of Ayatollah Boroujerdi
Ayatollah Boroujerdi, another important and influential figure in the Islamic world, in a statement (in Arabic) called on Muslims in Iran and other Islamic countries to unite and curse the Zionist Jews and pray for the victory of the Muslim brothers involved in the war. At the beginning of this statement, Ayatollah Boroujerdi "complains to God Almighty about what our Muslim brothers see at this time, from the pagans in Pakistan, and from the Jews in Palestine."

And referring to the Quranic verse, He recalls the truth of God's word about the intensity of Jewish hatred of Muslims and declares that the Jew wants:''Take revenge on them for all the good deeds they have seen from Muslims for a long time. They persecute and kill worthy men, kill their children, and desecrate their temples and destroy their temples and houses, and do not shy away from any evil or crime against them, and from any Rape and abuse do not stop.''

He prays for the extermination of the Jews and says:"We ask God Almighty to make the Muslims victorious and to help them, and to humiliate this people, who do not respect the rights of the Muslims, and to humiliate those transgressors, and to make them the most humiliated nations." In addition, he calls on the Muslims of Iran and the world to ask God for the humiliation of the Jew, and victory of Muslims over them.

Ayatollah Behbahani's reaction
Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Behbahani, one of the scholars of Tehran at the time, also reacted to the issue of Palestine in a letter addressed to the Pope, the leader of the world's Catholics, On May 22, 1948, In this letter, he noted that "the sad news of Palestine has had a profound effect on the clergy and national circles of Iran and has attracted the attention of sensitive centers and the clergy." He considers the sedition and adventurism of the stubborn and greedy Jewish population as a disgrace to the history of mankind and adds: "According to the judgment of history, this population should be considered the enemy of mankind.

In this letter, he described the "support of some Christian nations and the recognition of the state of Israel" as "very surprising" and stated: "Why are the spiritual circles of Christianity acting passively? Instead of informing the governments that have befriended and embraced the enemies of Christ and awakened the religious nations of Christianity, they have fallen silent and are not performing their religious duty."
In this letter, Ayatollah Behbahani "on behalf of the general Islamic nation, especially the elders and clerics of the holy Shiite religion of Iran, declares its hatred of the aggressor Jewish population and those who accompany them."
Also, on the 28th May 1948 a magnificent ceremony was held in the presence of Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Behbahani and other scholars, mujtahids, members of the National Assembly, directors of religious and national newspapers, and merchants.
At this ceremony, first 2,000 people who volunteered to be sent to Palestine staged a glorious demonstration. The political representatives of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Egypt were deeply impressed by the event. Also, more than 6,000 people in Tehran volunteered for the war.
The Qom clergy also announced that "if the Jews in Palestine do not stop fighting against the Arabs, they will boycott the sale and purchase of their goods" and advised all the Muslims to refrain from buying any kind of goods from the Jews and selling their goods to them.

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