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If until now, the world's media, when covering American crimes against human rights, referred to its history and past, or covered its criminal acts in other countries of the world, from a year ago until now; we can say that the main focus could be on US domestic issues. Blacks whose rights are not yet equal to whites; Latinos who are deprived of social services, Indigenous people who are still highly discriminated against, or even children who are brutally assaulted by the police while playing with plastic guns. All indications are that the knee of the US government is on the necks of many people around the world, there are also many signs of US human rights abuses inside the country.
Publish Date : 14:30 - 2021 July 18 The United States, which pursued a policy of isolation until World War II and sought to avoid the events of the Old World, entered World War II for its own economic gain, and after this war, as one of its victors, with widespread propaganda, called the new century the American century. The end of the policy of isolationism coincided with American intervention in all events in the world. Wherever the United States could pursue its economic and political interests by interfering in the internal affairs of countries, it did not refrain from doing so. After a while, the US presence in countries that no longer caused war and division did not seem very justified. The policies of the Cold War, as well as the post-Cold War policies of the United States governments to protect human rights around the world, became a gateway for occasional US intervention in all parts of the world.

It has been years since the United States used human rights councils and organizations to pressure various countries to change their policies to align more closely with the United States. US policies in dealing with people such as Guantanamo detainees, killing civilians and defenseless people in Afghanistan by drone operations, or collaborating with countries such as Saudi Arabia to violate the rights of the Yemeni people and destroy other countries are other old policies that may be News of them and accusations of US human rights abuses may have been repeated. When the governments of the United States do not hold themselves accountable to any of the major human rights organs or international tribunals, it is useless to talk about human rights and put pressure on the country to comply with human rights standards around the world.

All of this, however, does not mean that the world is completely silent about the American human rights catastrophes. At the same time, the occurrence of various events inside the United States and the violation of the rights of the people inside this country; is now in a new position to criticize the American political system and show the double face of the US government in case of dealing with these issues. Blacks who do not yet have equal rights with whites, Latinos who are deprived of basic social services, Indigenous people who are still discriminated against or even children who are brutally attacked by the police while playing with plastic guns. All indications are that the knee of the US government is on the necks of many people around the world, there are also many signs of US human rights abuses inside the country. In recent years, with the rise of white supremacist narratives in American politics, it has shown that structural and systematic racial discrimination in the United States, despite all the social movements that have taken place in the United States since the 1950s and 1960s, still exists. It is at the beginning of the road. If until now the United States has sought to ignore the rights of people around the world under various pretexts and by labeling various groups as "terrorists", today the US government must explain to the world about its own people and why this country ignores the rights of its people and encourages policies of racism and racism?

When Obama addressed the UN General Assembly in 2016, he spoke out against anti-racism and anti-apartheid protests in the United States, justifying the protests and the way the US government and police treated blacks as: "We are not at the point of perfection in human rights issues, but we are making reforms in this area and we have progressing reforms".

It is not just the killing of blacks on the streets of various American cities that accuses the government of human rights abuses; Not being able to go to the polls and not share in the future and destiny of themselves and their country is another example of this racial discrimination and the violation of the fundamental rights of minorities in the United States.

If until now the world has been silent on US human rights abuses in various countries and this country did not allow even the International Criminal Court to investigate US government crimes in countries like Afghanistan, now human rights organizations and support for racial minorities and various movements such as the movement "Black lives matter" The US government has been accused of rejecting human rights abuses inside the country, and the main effort to expose the figure behind the human rights slogans has largely paid off.

Now, if the US government wants to talk about human rights issues in the world, it must first say what reforms it has made to protect the rights of blacks, Latinos and other racial minorities within its territory? If this country wants to talk to the world about the democracy it wants, it must first determine what kind of democracy it is pursuing and why its proposed model is not being implemented within its own territory? The disgrace of the United States and its discrediting of human rights issues has been the most important recent achievement of human rights activists inside the United States, which should be given more and more attention.

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