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Irdc: with Islamic movement getting started, people were starting to chant "Down with USA" alongside "Down with Shah" in the protests.
Publish Date : 15:13 - 2019 December 29

IRDC.IR: with Islamic movement getting started, people were starting to chant "Down with USA" alongside "Down with Shah" in the protests.

This aspect of the revolution was the other side of the chant "Neither East nor West- but the Islamic republic". The historical evidence provides us with special information of the roots of this chant.

Anti-US campaigns started after the 19 August 1953 coup, and it turned to Islamic movements' main standard since 40's, and it was gradually spread following Imam Khomeini's doctrine.

Popularization of the Anti-US discourse, was one of the Imam Khomeini's main moves from the very beginning of Islamic movement.

For example, after the capitulation bill being passed in 1964, Imam Khomeini delivered a powerful hisrorical speech among people, unmasking the capitulation and calling US president the most hated person in the world to Iran's nation. He kept fighting against US even when he was exiled.

Imam Khomeini illuminated US as the "Great Satan" and it finally led the Anti-Americanism to be one of the main characteristics of the Islamic movement. And "Down with USA" was always being chanted in rallies and revolutionary protests, alongside "Down with Shah"

According to the movements' slogans and graffiti on the walls, "Down with USA" was an inseparable part of the Iranian crusade. As well as "Down with American colonialists", "Down with US imperialism", "Down with US mercenaries" and... .

With Islamic movement soaring in 1979, the main chant in the protests was "Down with USA". According to US embassy report: "24 October 1978, protesters in Dooshan Tappeh were shouting "Down with USA". According to the same report, in 17 November 1978: "Down with USA" was written on the wall of a US air force Capitan's house.

According to a 12 December 1978: "Tabriz consul reports that approximately 100,000 protesters passed by the consulate but they stopped there for a while to write these on the walls: "Kill Americans", "Down with US imperialism" and... .

Furthermore, "Down with USA" is also a chant against US political characters. Like the chants: "Down with Carter", "Down with Carter and his puppets", "Down with US Generals", Down with CIA" that could be heard in the rallies or seen on the walls. After Huyser was sent to Iran, people showed their Anti-US feelings by chanting "Down with Huyser".

The idea behind "Down with USA" also led people chanting slogans against security and intelligence services.

It's mentioned in a 26 December 1978 US embassy report sent to US foreign ministry with the title: "Security and intelligence protests on Christmas eve": "On December 25th, 2-3 people approached the international relations agency guard and...they wrote on the building: "This building is for CIA" and they added: "Down with USA", "Down with CIA".

With Islamic revolution's victory, US interference in Iran faded away, and as Imam Khomeini said, the Iranian nation literally proved what they meant when they chanted "Down with USA".

Translated by: Roya Jalali

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